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Run by busy mum of two, Kimberly

I created Kid Kits as a way to provide my boys with structured activities during the lockdowns that wouldn’t mean running around to different stores to pick up supplies. I wanted to create quality crafts and activities to inspire and entertain children.

MY Story

Keeping them entertained!

I am a mom of two busy boys, ages 7 and 10. I am constantly trying to think of creative projects to keep them engaged and distract them from their screens. I also love to see my kids take pride in their creations.  

During the pandemic, it has been especially tough to come up with ideas that don’t require leaving home. After crafting a few fun activities and passing them along to friends and family, Kid Kits was born.

These kits are designed to provide structured activities that inspire creativity in kids.  They contain the idea, the supplies and full instructions. While we worry about the planning and procuring, all you need to do is open the kit and guide your kids along.  

 I hope you have as much fun with them as we do! 


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